Donations made to schools 


As you may have previously read, we donate Drums and percussion instruments to schools that hire our services for a term or longer. Here are some photos of some of the donations made so far. 

 St Ethelberts Catholic            Primary School, Ramsgate.

At the start of 2015, Drumming for drums was asked to come in to teach the year 2 and year 3 students of St Ethelberts Catholic Primary school. 


During our time at St Ethelberts, pupils were taught about the history and origins of the djembe, playing techniques, traditional rhythm learning and playing together as a group. We also started to incorporate aspects of literacy and maths with the year 2 group. We created rhythms out of sentences and worked with syllables as beats. Lots of fun!


St Ethelberts catholic primary school hired our services for one term and this is the donation they received!

Willesborough Infant School,


At the start of 2015, Drumming for drums was asked to come back to Willesborough Infant School and run a short course of after school music clubs.


The drum circle music club has been so popular that we have been asked to come back for a second and third term!


As Willesborough Infant School had decided to keep Drumming for drums on for a second and third term, we decided to increase the donation that we awarded the school with at the end of the academic year.


Our donation seems to fit in nicely among the other African drums. Now Willesborough Infant school have a wide selection of drums and percussion for their pupils to play on!

St Ethelberts Djembe Donation.jpg

St Ethelberts Djembe Donation.jpg

St Ethelberts Donation of djembes.jpg

St Ethelberts Donation of djembes.jpg

St Ethelberts Djembes fade.jpg

St Ethelberts Djembes fade.jpg

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