Pricing, Payment and Donations

We now offer private tuition to pupils who would like to participate in drum lessons outside of school hours.


We are able to travel to homes directly and provide acoustic drum kit lessons and Djembe drum lessons. Please note: We do not provide acoustic drum kits. Electric kits are available.

Acoustic/electric drum kit tuition

Hourly rate: £25

Djembe tuition:

Hourly rate for one pupil: £15

If more pupils would like to join in and share Djembe lessons then the hourly rate will decrease. For more information regarding group Djembe lessons please feel free to contact us using the contact details listed below. Many thanks.

Please note: a small fee to cover fuel costs is added when a residence, school or lesson venue is over a certain distance from our base (15 miles).


Please note: We apologise but we cannot offer private lessons to pupils outside a certain distance (25miles) from our base.

Private tuition
Djembe workshop
Acoustic drumming tuition:

Our Djembe and Drum circle musical workshops are engaging, informative, educational, creative and fun! We offer bespoke workshops, tailored to your requirements and needs. As our sessions can differ our prices may vary.

If you would like a quote for a workshop or an event you have in mind then please feel free to get in contact using these details.


Mobile: 07922202257

Instagram: Drumming_for_Drums

Our prices vary from £30 to £250 - All depending on amount of workshops, participants, duration of workshops and distance to travel.

Please note: Djembe drumming 32 pupils per group (max)

Drum circle music 60 pupils per group.

(Acoustic/Electric drum kit)

Hourly rate: £25

Discounts on school full/half days are available 

Charitable Donation

Why do we donate?

Drumming for Drums donates to schools because we believe everyone in education should be able to have the opportunity to play the drums, regardless of their background or the school’s existing facilities. We are passionate about the subject and feel a need to spread our enthusiasm and knowledge to benefit both pupils and schools across the country.

Who do we donate to?

All schools, charities and organizations where we work, with no or very limited drumming/percussion equipment qualify for a donation.

Donations we have made

As you may have previously read, we donate Drums and percussion instruments to schools and others. Here are some photos of some of the donations made so far. 

Catching Lives Homeless Centre


Drumming for drums was able to work with Catching Lives homeless centre in 2018 where we ran some free workshops for the everyone involved. We had a great time creating rhythms with lots of different people. We decided to offer catching lives some Djembes so that people using the centre could use them on a regular basis. We hope they have been put to good use!

Willesborough Infant School,

At the start of 2015, Drumming for Drums was asked to come back to Willesborough Infant School and run a short course of after school music clubs.


The drum circle music club has been so popular that we have been asked to come back for a second and third term!


As Willesborough Infant School had decided to keep Drumming for Drums on for a full year, we decided to increase the donation that we awarded the school with at the end of the academic year.


Our donation seems to fit in nicely among the other African drums. Now Willesborough Infant school have a wide selection of drums and percussion for their pupils to play on!

Photo 24-12-2018, 13 29 11_edited.jpg

St Ethelberts Catholic Primary School, Ramsgate.

At the start of 2015, Drumming for Drums was asked to come in to teach the year 2 and year 3 students of St Ethelberts Catholic Primary school. 


During our time at St Ethelberts, pupils were taught about the history and origins of the Djembe, playing techniques, traditional rhythm learning and playing together as a group. We also started to incorporate aspects of literacy and numeracy with the year 2 group. We created rhythms out of sentences and worked with syllables as beats. Lots of fun!


This is the donation they received. 

St Ethelberts Djembe Donation.jpg

St Ethelberts Djembe Donation.jpg

St Ethelberts Donation of djembes.jpg

St Ethelberts Donation of djembes.jpg

St Ethelberts Djembes fade.jpg

St Ethelberts Djembes fade.jpg