About  Us 

Hello, we are Drumming for Drums, a charitable drumming tuition business working in Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas.


Drumming for Drums offers curriculum based tuition on Djembe drums, varied percussion instruments and acoustic/electric drum kits. 


All ages are welcome! We can accommodate drumming groups for 1 to 32 pupils, or drum and percussion groups for 1-60 people are available!


Drumming for Drums specialises in bespoke educational drumming workshops. We can tailor each workshop to suit your needs. We offer whole/half day events with after-school clubs and evening sessions!


All of our group drumming workshops and lessons contain elements of maths, literacy, science, music and geography! 


We pride ourselves on providing engaging, informative workshops that enable anyone to take part! Our group workshops are curriculum enriched, bringing a cultured, skilful and engaging experience for any aged pupil to enjoy and benefit from. 


As we are a charitable business we will donate to schools and organisations that hire our services for a term or longer!

Drumming for Drums also works outside of schools. We conduct and provide bespoke team building workshops that are fun and engaging. We have worked at wedding receptions, hen parties, festivals, outdoor events, birthday parties and Beaver, Cub and Scout groups, enabling all participants to gain music badges! 

If you feel your school, organisation, company or local Cub/Scout brigade would benefit from group or private workshops and lessons then please contact us using the details below!


Our research has shown that a large proportion of schools do not own any drumming equipment. This may be the result of budget constraints, storage problems or little awareness of the benefits of drumming. Drumming for Drums aims to help schools overcome these problems.


Drumming for Drums supplies all the equipment needed. The charitable aspect of Drumming for Drums is unique. If a school decides to hire our services for a term or longer, we will make a donation of drums and/or percussion instruments to that school.


Drumming for Drums stems from a passion for drumming and a love for teaching and learning. Drumming for Drums donates back to the schools so that pupils have the opportunity to use, play and practice on Djembe drums in the future.

My name is Sam Webster. I am a friendly, kind and outgoing person, and I enjoy using my knowledge and passion for drumming to inspire the next generation.

I started playing the drum kit aged 13. I enjoyed it so much I kept playing and quickly grew to love drumming of any kind. This has grown into a fascination, love and passion for drumming, music and rhythms. This passion and love for music has enabled me to study and graduate with a BA Hons in Commercial Music (2:1) and has kept me drumming for 14 years! I soon discovered that I wanted to pursue a career in music which is one of the reasons I set up Drumming for Drums.

Your problem, our solution

 About Myself 

I have a keen interest in helping pupils learn in a practical way, which is why I have introduced cross curricular learning into my group drumming lessons. I believe this helps back up core subject learning in a practical way that helps all students learn, intake and retain information.

I have been teaching in a group setting for five years. I love teaching and helping to improve pupils overall learning experience. Music is my passion and sharing it with others is a joyful experience. I hope and aim to continue this for the rest of my life.

Sam Webster BA Hons commercial music (2:1)

The fundamental aim of Drumming for Drums is to enable schools to provide long term tuition for their pupils using their own equipment as well as to differ from other tuition providers.

Central to this scheme we pledge to:

  • Offer teaching of the highest standard.       


  • Guide pupils in a range of drumming disciplines through basic and intermediate levels.


  • Build awareness of the benefits of drumming and the cultures from which they originate.


Drumming for Drums differs from free-lance tutoring and other forms of Musical education in a number of crucial ways:

  • All required equipment is provided.


  • We use elements of numeracy, literacy, science and geography in our group Djembe/drum circle drumming lessons.


  • We aim to ensure that individual development and group involvement go hand in hand with a common goal.


  • We donate a selection of drums and/or percussion instruments to schools who hire our service for a term or longer.

I strongly believe music helps improve a school’s overall learning environment and it is to this vision that I have set up Drumming for Drums. I aim to provide an option that will enable all pupils the chance to play drums and percussion, even if their school does not have the necessary equipment.


It has always been one of my life's ambitions to use music to help people live a fuller life and enable pupils the chance to experience the joy that can come from drumming. If Drumming for Drums can enable schools the chance to equip themselves with the necessary kit whilst providing lessons, I will be actively fulfilling this dream and providing opportunities for pupils that may haven not been available before.




     Feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you! 




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