Djembe Drum carvings
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Percussion instruments
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Sam in Djembe workshop in Kidztown, Boomtown
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Djembe drums
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Percussion instruments
Drumming and dancing
Djembe Drum close up
Drum circle participants, Boomtown
Percussion instruments
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A pupil from Willesborough Infant school playing a tribal drum from Bali. Tribal drum, Bali, Pupil, Willesborough Infant School, east kent, music education, drumming.

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts!

Drumming for Drums provides tailored workshops for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. We enable all participants to gain music badges in just one workshops! Whether it be stage 1, 2, 3, or 4!

“Sam came to our Beaver Scout Colony to teach us about the Djembe drum. We all got a huge amount from the experience; not just the chance to experience the drums & being in a drum circle, but also gaining a wider music based knowledge and an appreciation of the history of the Djembe. Each young person was able to participate fully, because the drums were so accessible & Sam was excellent with the Beavers, helping them all work towards their Musician Stage 1 Badge. Thank you so much Sam! We hope to see you again in the future!” Kat, Orca (Shepherdswell) Beaver Group.

About us:

Hello! We are Drumming for Drums, a charitable drumming tuition business working throughout Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Drumming for Drums specialises in fun and engaging, educational drumming workshops. 

We offer whole/half day events with after-school clubs and evening sessions! We also offer term based workshops/lessons and in home private tuition on acoustic/electric drum kits and Djembe drums!

All ages are welcome! We can accommodate drumming groups for 1-42 participants or percussion group for 1-70 people.


We pride ourselves on providing fun, engaging and informative workshops that enable anyone to take part! Our group workshops are curriculum enriched, bringing a cultured, skilful and engaging experience for any aged pupil to enjoy and benefit from. 

In school we offer curriculum based tuition on Djembe drums, varied percussion instruments and acoustic/electric drum kits. We offer workshops of drum circle music creation, Djembe drumming and one on one acoustic drum tuition.

Outside of school we offer private tuition on acoustic and electric drum kits and Djembe drums, group drumming workshops, team building drumming workshops and drum circle creation workshops.

Drumming for Drums also provides drum circles/workshops for festivals, parties, team building events, Beaver, Cubs and Scouts, wedding parties and other outdoor events.

All of our outdoor events combine elements of group co-operation, fun musical creation and improvisation.

Drumming for Drums is a charitable business: if you think your school would benefit from drumming lessons and workshops, hire us for a full academic year and receive a free donation of drums and/or percussion instruments!

Note: All of our group drumming lessons and workshops contain elements of numeracy, literacy, science, music and geography!

Free drumming workshop or lesson! Try us out and see if we make the right fit for your school!

Hire our services for a full academic year and receive a free donation of Djembe drums and/or percussion instruments!

Drumming for Drums offers one free workshop to schools within a certain distance from our base, contact us to see if you are eligible. 

We offer this because we know and understand that drumming can be seen as a loud, disruptive activity. We are here to prove that theory wrong! 

This is a great way to see if your school would benefit from engaging and informative workshops or lessons provided by Drumming for Drums!

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Drumming within music: The benefits of learning a musical instrument                                  
The Benefits of learning a musical instrument
Improving numeracy skills

Learning a musical instrument can be beneficial in so many ways, especially when learning from a young age. New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument improves cognitive skills, numeracy skills, co-ordination skills and helps to relieve stress.

Health and well-being

Students with additional needs such as autism, or those with emotional or language problems can find a great relief in music. Drumming provides a voice to those who struggle with one of the most important life skills of communication. The action of drumming and the rhythms that are played can easily be translated into a style of communication through facilitated drumming or "call and response" methods geared to the age and abilities of the children.


The action of drumming itself, either with the hands, sticks or mallets requires the physical demands of holding and steadying drums. For children this increases motor skills and the ability to coordinate their movements.

Reading music requires counting notes and rhythms helping to enhance numeracy skills. Learning music theory includes many mathmatical aspects and studies have shown that students who play instruments are often better at mathematics and achieve higher grades in school than students who do not.

Enhancing coordination skills

If you were to ask any musician to play their instrument with their eyes closed, the chances are they are more than likely to be able to do so.


The process involved in learning to play a musical instrument includes many aspects of co-ordination, including hand-eye co-ordination; breathing patterns, muscle speed and control.

The practice of making music helps develop good coordination; so learning a musical instrument is a fun and productive way to enhance these skills.

Drumming in a group

Drumming with other people helps to establish community bonds, allowing people to interact in a different way. This kind of activity enables people to connect more meaningfully on a level separate from normal small talk, communicating instead with music and shared experience.

Co-operating and working within a team are skills that are important to schools, businesses and group organisations alike. These skills are further developed through drum cricles.

Participants have their own sound to add, creating a musical painting with the power of collaboration.

This helps develop these skills in a new and exciting way seperate from traditional academic approaches.

Playing the drums helps to release negative feelings. Drumming can help people express and address emotional issues. The physical stimulation of drumming produces emotional release.